New Honda CTX1300

A deft combination of soul and technology, Honda's CTX1300 is designed to look good around town and to cruise with ease on longer haul trips

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Heading up a fresh family of motorcycles, which includes the middleweight CTX700 and CTX700N, the CTX1300 boasts a feel-good factor that delivers pure riding pleasure. At the heart of the CTX1300 is a longitudinally-mounted 1,261cc, water-cooled, fuel-injected V4 engine which is derived from the ST1300. Major revisions have been made to boost low and mid-range torque along with enhancements to the sound and feel which add to the riding sensation.Revised cam timing and new PGM-FI throttle bodies have been developed along with an oxygen-sensing catalytic converter which minimises harmful exhaust gas emissions.